Youth; great human resources

Youth are the fresh and great human capital of the nation and the country and these resources should be used properly.
Youth plays a major role in any country’s overall development, in both terms of social and economic developments, youth have always been the center of power. They are responsible for what taking place in the society.
They are the first figure to deal with the challenges of the future such as economic imbalances, climate change, etc.
Youth have the energy to take a country’s economic development to the next level. There are various sectors in a country that are responsible for the country’s overall development such as education, agriculture, business, etc. The participation of youth in the success and development of a country is a must and undeniable.
Also, national development depends on how well the youth have participated in the development programs.
Youths in other countries are blessed with literacy, higher education and prosperity and they are still employed in various departments of governmental and non-government organizations according to their merit and competence and education and serve their country and nation.
But unfortunately, war and destruction and “revolutions” in Afghanistan deprived the youth of the country from all the blessings and a large number of young people were left without education and another group could not be recruited in government offices and serve their country due to nepotism that prevailed in Afghanistan during the 20 years of occupation.
Unfortunately, these inks were lost during the fourteen decades and especially during the 20 years of the American occupation of Afghanistan, and their competence and capacity were not taken into account.
Now that with the victory of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, corruption and mediation has been eradicated, these great human force should be used in the best way and they should be given a chance to play their role in the construction, development and prosperity of the country.
On one hand, the youth hold the power to change and build a nation but we must provide them with opportunities and resources, on the other hand, the youth has the vision and far-sightedness which other generations don’t hold. To help a nation prosper and flourish, their courage and enthusiasm must be used .

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