Water; the most important asset of life

While the climate experts are continuously predicting rains and floods in the country, unfortunately, we still do not have any arrangements to protect, reduce and distribute our water. It is clear that these floods will once again take away our fields, plantations and the arid lands that have the best potential for agriculture and could
be shared with Iran and other neighboring countries in need. Every year in such a situation, we only try our best to care for and serve our flood-affected people but don’t think about the construction of dams over our rivers and streams to save their houses and fields from destruction and distribute water into streams and culverts. It also brings solidarity and prosperity for the people and helps them grow their grains in the irrigated lands.
Afghanistan’s agricultural sector remains as one of the country’s principal growth sectors, which according to the Ministry of Water and Energy utilizes 90% of total water consumption. With almost 60% of the population deriving their livelihoods from the sector, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) has reported that “Water is the lifeblood of the people of Afghanistan, not just for living but also for the economy, which has traditionally been dominated by agriculture.” Some local media has reported that the drought has caused a fall in crop production in both the western and northern parts of the country and people in these areas
are on the edge of famine.
Meanwhile, nearly 20 million people in Afghanistan are acutely facing food insecurity and according to preliminary projections for November 2022 to March 2023.
Afghanistan continues to face the highest level of insufficient food consumption globally. WFP’s Food Security Update shows that nine in ten households consumed insufficient food, with little change over the past 12 months.
The current food crisis is perpetuated by a concurrent climate crisis, as 3out of 34 provinces in Afghanistan report extremely low water quality. As reporter, the proportion of households feeling the impact of drought in 2022
is six times greater than in 2020 as Afghanistan enters its third consecutive drought year.
Undoubtedly, water is the most important thing in our life, because thelives of all creatures depend on water. The source of all our food products is water. By water, our environment becomes beautiful, the air becomes clean
and suitable and any kind of pollution is prevented.
Perhaps this will be a special gift of Allah Almighty to use that compared to other nations of the world. We are very blessed with clear and sweet water so that almost ten big and small rivers are free to the neighboring countries throughout the year.
Indeed, our greatest misfortune is that we still are not paying attention to our roaring rivers.
But the water stored for thousands of years from the deep underground of our land has created such a trickle that we can see with our clear eyes day by day.
So the truth is that if we continue with our same policy and try to get water from underground instead of those flowing ones on the ground, we will soon face a very serious disaster.

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