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In the past four decades, Afghanistan’s revenues were collected irregularly and in this period tremendous resources of the country were out of government’s control or it was misused by the local powerful individuals. After the victory of the Mujahidin and the collapse of the Russian-backed government, the country’s sources of income have been divided by warlords and powerful individuals, as every powerful man in his own area was collecting, customs, municipality, lands and other taxes by their own for their own interest. No one was accountable to the law, and the country’s tax and revenue sources were being destroyed. In 1996, with the victory of the Islamic Emirate, evil and corruption was eliminated. The officials of the Islamic Emirate tried hard to eradicate corruption, and they were partially successful, but unfortunately after the invasion of U.S.-NATO-led forces and the occupation of the country by them, the scope of corruption once again increased. Customs, transport, municipality, mines and other income sectors fell into the hands of corrupt people. They used to steal all the revenues with the support of their partners such as ministers, governors and parliamentarians and they were not accountable to the government and the nation. Fortunately, with the re-establishment of the Islamic Emirate corruption has been eradicated. The Islamic Emirate transparently collects the country’s revenues. In addition to the important mining contracts, it has given to volunteering, which can be mentioned as coal and cement mines contracts. On the other hand, those individuals and companies who had not paid taxes for many years were now forced to pay taxes of previous years. Now Afghanistan has found an owner and no one can embezzle sources of income or act indifferent. We are sure that our country will make good progress in the near future, as the country and the structure of the revenue and tax departments have been cleared of corruption, and on the other hand, the revenues are handed over to a government authority, with the Central Bank showing the strong and firm determination of the Islamic Emirate. Now, both the normal and development budget is financed from the government revenues and there is no need for foreign aid and loans. Regularly paying government salaries shows the strong and firm determination of the Islamic Emirate on providing services for the entire nation. Also, this is the responsibility of the Islamic Emirate to provide work for the people to prevent brain drain and flee of the country’s educated individuals. Hoping a day to come when we can bring our country to complete development and progress.

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