Responsibilities of youths, their role in country’s development

The country’s development and prosperity are now at the hands of the young generation. The young generation has more dreams, passion and hope and they should be helped reach their dreams.

The country’s development and prosperity are now at the hands of the young generation. The young generation has more dreams, passion and hope and they should be helped reach their dreams. Youth in any country represents the future of their nation and the nation impatiently hope their offspring become their future-builders anx do their responsibilities well before the country. For the development of the country, the youth have to be hardworking in any field they get involved in. They have to be teachers, farmers, technicians or be capable of developing other field. This is clear that today’s youth are facing unemployment, they lacked opportunities for work and development, they are now deprived of encouragement and have no enough access to the needed tools to grow their talents. But, this doesn’t mean that they should give up, abandon all fields of success and stay home or resort to drug, as there are other ways for them to overcome most of these challenges. They have to move forward by starting from zero and initiating small works and opportunity that is available until they reach what they want. The young generation has to be very responsible and say NO to drugs and other subversive activities which hinder their advance. This a clear fact that youth empowerment and providing them with needed facilities can eradicate poverty in the country. They play an important role in the constructive process of building social cohesion, economic prosperity and political stability of a nation in an inclusive way. The youths of a country count as the most important asset that they can possess. Youth are the chance for the entire nation to help it reach prosperity. By making sure that the young generation of a nation continues to grow with each passing day and ends up achieving some of the most brilliant things that can help their country reach the top and the nation can be rebuilt and grow with them. Hardworking youth and better quality of life for youth assures success for not only the current generation but also for the upcoming generation. Therefore, there is no denying the fact that a country can become much better with the support of the youth that they have. Nothing can equal the splendor of the youth. To be young, in itself, is to possess a treasure of far greater than any other men of power. It is the responsibility of the government to provide them with enough resources, guidance and a good environment so that they become a strong arm of their Islamic society. They can become the strongest force of their Islamic system as the power of the youth even can change a system and leads it to a bright future. And it is true because the power and the strength that the youth of a nation possesses is unmatched and does bring a chance to grow and develop not only for them but for the people around them. But, today in the western countries, women are used in the form of animals, the status of a black person is not equal to the white one. It is the neglect of the Muslims today that the West teaches as human rights and wants to include it in the curriculum of schools, universities etc., and the aliens also took great advantage of this neglect. The struggle of the vigilant Muslim youths should be fast and in the first step, they should mostly be engaged in metalizing the Muslims and a little aware of repelling the new intrigues of the enemies, so that the remaining poison of the enemy can be neutralized. The struggle of Muslims becomes effective when, in addition to knowledge, they also think deeply about Islamic vision, so that through knowledge, they can rescue their society from the evil temptations of the aliens by digging deeper into the issues with the light of the new Islamic vision. The Muslim youths should be open-minded and should have an idea that lead the Islamic nation to the top of happiness. There is no small vision in the culture of the Muslim youth.

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