New university curriculum to include both religious, modern subjects

An announcement by the Ministry of Higher Education of the Islamic Emirate, few days ago, on temporal ban on girls’ education concerned some groups and individuals who have already opposed the Islamic system. They unknowingly, reacted against the ban without focusing if the plan was temporal and the next announcement would tackle all issues pertaining the education curriculums which is hoped to cover female education as well. Yesterday (Tuesday), the country’s ministry of higher education announced that all issues relating to higher education, would be addressed through a meeting held at the ministry’s meeting hall. The ministry assured that a new curriculum within which, both religious and modern subjects could be taught, would arranged in the near future and the issue would permanently be addressed. As the minister further said, revision of the curriculum and attention to progress is necessary for our society and is the way forward. A curriculum, based on religious and national values and international educational norms, which, the minister has promised to implement, is the most important, as the past governments have failed to maintain and take in mind the most important issue. The lecturers of the university, some, reportedly resigned from their works in a so-called protest against girls’ education ban, at the Kabul University, should not be deceived by vicious groups who want to spread western countries’ commonplace culture and those who have already been against the Islamic system and full implementation of the Islamic teachings. They should exercise patience and wait for the next decision of the religious scholars who are busy working on the new curriculum and it is the most important to include modern subjects in the new academic curriculum. All national values and international norms including quality, balance and other necessary criteria would be considered in the new inclusive curriculum. What is the most important is that no one including university lecturers, schoolteachers and ordinary people should react quickly against what they hear from the organs concerned as they may seek effective and helpful ideas for what they wanted to be applied for all their daily works and regulations. The new curriculum, based on the Islamic teachings, is hoped to cover both male and female students as there is a need for women to learn issues about their religion and issues under the holy sharia.

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