Nation’s expectations from the government

Afghan people in the past forty years, have been burning in the hell of war. Their homes were destroyed during the last long-imposed wars, bloody regulatory battles and barbaric bombardments of invaders. Afghanistan still remains like a sick and injured body that needs serious attention and its wounded body needs to be healed every moment. Although the forty years of imposed war and the negative consequences of these wars cannot be compensated in one or two years, but goodwill, and effort to revive, rebuild and develop the country can pass these stages and bring it to a brighter stage. All developed countries had their own problems in the beginning, and with the passage of time, they passed through the stages of war and destruction and entered the field of settlement, prosperity and civilization. After the two bloody world wars, Europe and some Asian countries started to work and achieved improvement and progress with a lot of hard work and effort, and today they are toppers in civilization and technology. We know many countries that suffered poverty and hunger a few decades ago and were considered as backward and hungry countries in the world. But their people worked hard for prosperity and their governments and systems also made efforts to have positive interactions with countries and the world, and finally by breaking deadlocks and challenges, they achieved prosperity, development and civilization. The government and people of Afghanistan should also break the abnormalities and try their best for the prosperity of the country by joining hands and leaving linguistic, ethnic and other kinds of discrimination. Unless we ourselves do not strive for the development and prosperity of our country and we do not feel sorry for our property, foreigners will never feel our sorrow and will not help our wounds healed. So it is up to us to get out of neglect and laziness and to stand up with compassion, empathy and determination for Afghanistan’s prosperity. In this case, we will also get out of humiliation and take firm steps towards progress and technology

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