Law violators should be pursued seriously

Recently, during his visit to Sar-e-Pul province in the country’s north, Minister of Interior Affairs Khalifa Sirajuddin Haqqani met with a wide number of the provincial officials, elders and religious scholars. Addressing a gathering of the elders and religious scholars, he stressed that the era of dictatorship has ended in the country and no one will be allowed to act arbitrarily in the Islamic system. Now, if we take a closer look at the fact and realities of the past four decades of our country, it will become clear that our country and the nation have sustained heavy losses from powerful individuals. The last 20 years of occupation paved the ground for warlords and powerful individuals to do what they wanted on the people. They took control of most of the tribes and they overrun many villages, which were sold to foreign countries and the privileges they received on top of them could only be used by themselves. Not only this, most of the country’s customs and mines have become their private property, their drug business and the entire government and judiciary administrations have been threatened. This means that they have done whatever they wanted and no one could dare to ask them why they are doing this. Therefore, it is clear that the existence of system, government and law has no meaning, and when such arbitrary individuals and groups are found in a country and then with the remaining hundreds of thousands of people, the law has no status, every individual acts arbitrarily and loot others properties. The truth is that violent arbitrariness and lawlessness are enough for the complete destruction and misery of a nation. If now, the Afghan people really want the stability of the system, the implementation of justice, development, prosperity and happiness, then it is necessary to not allow even low-level tyranny and arbitrariness across the country. There should be no powerful individual or government entity to be accountable of abuse his position and take its advantage. It is very important to deal strictly with such people, prevent them from doing wrong and against the law, and not give them even a little chance to recklessly on the people but force them to accept the law in any means. Although no one can deny the fact that the Islamic Emirate has mostly defeated the powerful individuals and made them to be accountable for their government and nation, but recently the eyes of the whole nation have turned to this issue that the Islamic Emirate should also prevent arbitrariness in its ranks and do not allow those people to abuse and arbitrariness, who have suffered a lot and made sacrifices in the past twenty years. Because it is known that no one is free from mistakes and there are definitely some faults in every category. In short, there is no time and mercy regarding arbitrary and legal violations, and it is very important that the rulers look at the king and the beggar with the same eye.

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