Lack of attention to environment catastrophic

Today, one of the problems that threaten the lives of humans, animals, plants and other living things, is environmental pollution.
This is an issue that we, the humans, have always overlooked and have not paid attention to as much as needed.
This should also be noted that the Almighty Allah has granted all His blessings in the world for the growth and development of humans and made humans the caliph and owner of these blessings, at the same time, obliged and appointed humans to join hands together to preserve the environment and protect it.
These days, unfortunately, with the rising air temperature, the atmosphere of Kabul city and other big cities has been polluted and caused the spread of various diseases, if you visit the hospitals of Kabul and other cities, you will understand better the damage inflicted to the water source, earth as well as growing air pollution.
Although there are many factors behind the pollution of the environment, but it is human who has acted irresponsibly in the improper use of the environment and nature. They are destroying forests, green areas, and contaminating water, soil, air and the environment, who has dragged himself to the edge of the abyss and annihilation, while, Allah Almighty, has made humans as the best of creatures and his successor on the earth.
He has given the right to benefit from God’s blessings, but this use should not endanger others’ rights.
Even though this issue is clear to all that the officials have put the protection of the environment in their work priority and with their continued and tireless efforts, they are trying to change the face of the
city and provide a pollution-free environment to the citizens. But the mission that is aimed at the citizens is more effective than the responsibility of those in charge. As Islamic culture considers
nature to be the cradle and basis for human development and perfection, and it has obliged humans to protect it.
Therefore, we can say, polluting the waters, destroying vegetation, using forest wood and destroying green areas, wasting natural energy and failing to restore the environment and protect it and finally, lack of attention towards our city and environment, moves us away from valuable human and divine teachings.
Based on this principle, we should all join hands to protect and keep our environment so that human lives can progress in an environment free of pollution and other environmental problems, and we
should also know that the environment belongs to us and to all people and our future.
Although there are many ways to protect the environment and help nature to be healthy, if someone is concerned about protecting the environment, he will definitely know how to protect the environment from pollution and maintain and act like a positive person in the society.

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