Interaction better than animosity

There is no one in the world who does not need each other. If Allah Almighty gives the world to someone, but if he/she does not have good health he/she needs a doctor.
If a person is very poor, and he is healthy, he has the ability to work, and another person who is economically strong, but the doctor has advised him not to work and stopped him from this
blessing of Allah because it’s dangerous for his health.
Also, this world is a testing ground for Muslims. Allah Almighty has given wealth to someone and made someone poor.
The rich man and poor man are being tested by their wealth and poverty, but those who are successful do not stop worshiping Allah in any situation and fight all kinds of problems they are
facing with and follow their main goal in poverty and wealth.
The Afghan faithful and brave nation has made remarkable sacrifices in its history without failure, the example of which cannot be seen in the world, and for what purpose they made these sacrifices? It is clear that these hardships and sacrifices of the Afghans were for the restoration of the Islamic system to
rule in Afghanistan and for us to have a strong, free and independent government.
The international colonialist and superpowers have problems with the rule of the Islamic system and create obstacles and problems against us, but the officials of the Islamic Emirate need to hug their people and respond positively to their demands in accordance with Sharia law.
To gain the legitimacy and support of the nation and to adopt a foreign policy not contrary to the international community, there is a need to opt a way that can keep our goals safe and also support the Muslim and Mujahid nation of the country.
We need the world and the world needs us. If there is no interaction with the international community, we cannot export our commercial goods to other countries and also we cannot import from other countries, so we need to interact with each other and strengthen our relations with other countries.
Let’s work together in every field, and make the education process stronger and faster than before. Because time is like gold, we must strive, make tireless efforts and join hands for the development of our beloved country so  that we can compete  with other developing countries in the world.

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