IEA welcomes politicians returning home

Recently, a number of the country’s political figures who are currently living abroad, showed interest in negotiation with the authorities of the Islamic Emirate.

Recently, a number of the country’s political figures who are currently living abroad, showed interest in negotiation with the authorities of the Islamic Emirate. This is a clear fact that no one will get relaxed and feel comfort in other countries and on the other hand, alien countries will never become one’s home. Also, the Afghans who left their country after the fall of the foreign backed republic system, found that the Islamic Emirate was firm in its announced general amnesty to the whole nation and is looking at every Afghan as a real citizen of this homeland and Afghanistan as a common home of the entire Afghans. They have now realized the fact that Afghanistan is provided with sure security and they can now live in their own territory in peace and security. They have now found that their life conditions in their country would be more valuable than in other countries. Their lives and prosperity are secure in their country more than in foreign countries and this is why they have to get ready for negotiation with the Islamic Emirate authorities who are their real compatriots. As the Deputy Interior Minister Mohammad Nabi Omari who was addressing a ceremony to introduce one of the provincial governors, said, some Afghan political leaders want to talk with the Islamic Emirate, however, he said there was no issue needed for discussion between the two sides and that they can return freely and live freely without any condition in their country. This has now become known for all citizens of the country and understood worldwide that Afghanistan has established an Islamic system which is seeking the benefit of the entire Afghans and national interests under the Islamic teachings instead of westerns’ supported democracy. So, they should realize the fact that the Islamic Emirate will not debate democracy nor want to lose the time to speak about. Democracy, which is the gift of the Western countries and against the Afghan religion and culture, has now become clear that it did not cause any result over the past twenty years and if this was the agenda of the negotiations with the foreign-based Afghan political leaders, the talk will never give positive result as the Mujahideen and the nation have made sacrifices to deny it and they are ready to do so for centuries more. Also, no tribe of the country wants the continuation of war in the country and strongly stresses the need for an end to conflicts in the war-torn nation and calls on the entire Afghans, especially the political leaders abroad to return home. The Islamic Emirate is also committed to their rights and that their lives and properties are secure. Instead of serving aliens and those countries who have fueled war in our country and destroyed the economic infrastructure of our nation, they should take part in the reconstruction of their own country and participate in the development of their economy. The Islamic Emirate calls all Afghans the brothers of each other and welcomes them to their country. The Islamic Emirate is responsible for paying attention to them and taking care of them

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